Semiconductors - ICs  

Digital Signal Controllers - DSCMicrocontrollers - MCUOther 16 / 32 Bit MicrocontrollersMiscellaneous Microcontrollers - MCU16 / 32 Bit Microcontrollers - MCU - PIC / DSPICApplication Specific Microcontrollers - MCU16 / 32 Bit Microcontrollers - MCU - ColdFire16 / 32 Bit Microcontrollers - MCU - MSP4308 Bit Microcontrollers - MCU16 / 32 Bit Microcontrollers - MCU - AVR16 / 32 Bit Microcontrollers - MCU - ARMIsolated Feedback GeneratorsClock,Timing & Frequency ManagementBattery ICClock & Data Recovery - CDRTimers, Oscillators & Pulse GeneratorsPhase Locked Loops - PLLClock Synthesizers & GeneratorsReal Time ClocksDelay LinesFrequency SynthesizersRFRF Transceivers - Sub 2.4GHz ISM BandRF SwitchesRFIDRF Receivers - 2.4GHz & Above ISM BandRF AttenuatorsRF FiltersRF Transceivers - ZigbeeRF Mixers / MultipliersRF DetectorsRF Transceivers - 2.4GHz & Above ISM BandRF Modulators & DemodulatorsPower Management ICs - PMICPWM ControllersHot Swap ControllersBattery ManagementPower Distribution SwitchesCurrent RegulatorsMulti Function Power Management ICsDC / DC Power ManagementPower-over-Ethernet - POE ControllersDigital Power Management ICsAC / DC ConvertersUSB Type C & Power Delivery ControllersPower Factor Correctors - PFCVoltage RegulatorsVoltage ReferencesWireless Power ICsSupervisors & MonitorsDrivers & ControllersVideo ProcessingVideo FiltersVideo ProcessorsVideo Synch SeparatorsConfigurable Mixed Signal ICsCODECs / Encoders / DecodersTV & VideoVideo EncodersCODECsVideo DecodersIC SensorsImage SensorsSilicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) SensorsBiometric SensorsMiscellaneous Integrated Circuit SensorsInductive Position SensorsHall Effect Switches & LatchesMEMS AccelerometersMEMS GyroscopesCurrent SensorsSmoke DetectorCapacitive Touch SensorsHall Effect SensorsHumidity SensorsHumidity & Temperature SensorsMagnetoresistive (MR) SensorsProximity SensorsMEMS ModulesInductive Touch SensorsIC Temperature SensorsPressure SensorsDigital Signal Processors - DSPTMS32SymphonyBlackfinDavinciADSPSharcSpecial FunctionMicroprocessors - MPUColdFireMiscellaneous MPUsSitaraiMXCortexPower ArchitectureOther MPUsSoCs / MPSoCs / RFSoCsMemoryEPROMiButtons & AccessoriesDRAMFlash Memory CardsEEPROMFerroelectric RAM - FRAMNonvolatile SRAM - NVSRAMFLASHSRAMNonvolatile RAMNVRAM ControllersFIFOFPGA Configuration MemoryLogicFlip FlopsUniversal Bus FunctionsDigital ComparatorsParity Generators & CheckersSpecial Function LogicArithmetic Logic Units - ALUsLevel ShiftersBuffers, Transceivers & Line DriversDecoders / EncodersShift RegistersBus SwitchesGates & InvertersMultiplexers / DemultiplexersMultivibratorsLatchesFIFOsTouch Screen ControllersFilters - ActiveSwitched Capacitor FiltersAnalogue FiltersDigital FiltersSwitches, Multiplexers & DemultiplexersVideo SwitchesCrosspoint SwitchesAnalogue SwitchesVideo MultiplexersAnalogue Multiplexers / DemultiplexersData & Signal ConversionAnalog-to-Digital Converters - ADCDigital-to-Analog Converters - DACV/F & F/V ConvertersRMS to DC ConvertersInductance to Digital ConvertersMore - Integrated CircuitsAmplifiers & ComparatorsProgrammable Gain AmplifiersInstrumentation AmplifiersCurrent Sense AmplifiersSample & Hold AmplifiersSignal ConditionersLogarithmic AmplifiersComparatorsLimiting AmplifiersAudio AmplifiersDifferential AmplifiersMultipliers / DividersBuffer AmplifiersVideo AmplifiersTransconductance AmplifiersOperational Amplifiers - Op AmpsTransimpedance AmplifiersAudio Control & ProcessingDrivers & InterfacesInterface BridgesLaser Diode DriversI/O ExpandersRS232, RS485, RS422 TransceiversIsolatorsMulti-Function DriversSERDES DriversCAN Bus DevicesHDMI / DVI / Display Port InterfacesRS232, RS485, RS422 ReceiversRS232, RS485, RS422 Multiprotocol TransceiversParallel DriversLIN TransceiversDisplay DriversIEEE 1394 DriversLine DriversECL / PECL / CML DriversRS232, RS485, RS422 Isolated TransceiversDifferential Line DriversUART InterfacesSpecialised InterfacesLVDS DevicesSystem Basis ChipsRS232, RS485, RS422 Drivers / TransmittersPCI / PCIe DevicesUSB InterfacesNetwork ControllersModemEthernet ControllersMemory ControllersTV TunersDigital PotentiometersNon Volatile Digital PotentiometersVolatile Digital PotentiometersFPGAsGALs / PALs & SPLDsSPLDsCPLDsGALs / PALs

Automation & Process Control  

Defrost ControllersSignal ConditioningSignal Conditioning MiscellaneousIsolation AmplifiersSignal ConvertersStrain Gauge AmplifiersIntrinsically Safe Signal ConditionersOutput IsolatorsZener BarriersControl Gear & Switch GearControl Gear & Switch Gear AccessoriesFused SwitchesElectronic Overload RelaysThermal Overload RelaysControl Station SwitchesCable Pull SwitchesNetwork ControlSerial Device ServersTransmitters & ReceiversGatewaysIndustrial Switches & Control StationsSafety SwitchesStationary Barcode ScannersPneumaticsFittings - Rod ClevisFittings - MountsAir-Line EquipmentsPneumatic Valves - Flow ControlManifoldsPneumatic Valves - Spring ReturnPneumatic Valves - LogicSolenoid ValvesFittingsFittings - MiscellaneousFilter / Regulator & Lubricator SetsPneumatic Valves - PushbuttonRegulatorsVacuum GeneratorsPneumatic Valves - Non ReturnCylindersPneumatic Valves - ExhaustPneumatic Valves - Shut OffAccessoriesCompression FittingsAir Operated SwitchesSilencersTubingVibratorsPneumatic Switches - VacuumPneumatic Valves - Hand SlideReservoirsSuction CupsPneumatic ValvesIgnition Controller KitsPanel Displays & InstrumentationPanel InstrumentationHuman Machine Interface - HMIMiscellaneous Panel Displays & InstrumentationCurrent ShuntsPanel Display TechnologyPanel Display AccessoriesProcess Controllers, Programmers & IndicatorsControllersIndustrial ComputingProcess IndicatorsProgrammable Logic Controllers - PLCsTrigger Modules & ControllersIndustrial HeatersDuct HeatersFlexible HeatersSurface HeatersSolenoidsLinear SolenoidsRotary SolenoidsMotors & Motor ControlsIndustrial WirelessContactors & AccessoriesContactor KitsContactorsAutomation SignalingAudio Signal Indicator UnitsBeacon / SoundersVisual Signal Indicator UnitsSignal TowersSignal Indicator AccessoriesData AcquisitionWireless TransmittersWireless ReceiversWireless Monitoring SystemsMotors & DrivesPhase Angle Power RegulatorsTemperature ControllersIgnition ControllersMachine SafetySafety Light Curtains


RF / Coaxial Connectors & AccessoriesRF AdaptersRF Connector AccessoriesRF ConnectorsSensor Connectors & ComponentsSensor Cable AssembliesSensor Connector InsertsSensor Distribution BoxesSensor ConnectorsSensor Connector HousingsSensor Connector ContactsSensor SplittersSensor Connector AccessoriesCrimp Terminals / Solder Terminals & SplicesSolder / Press Mount Turret TerminalsLug TerminalsWire / Bootlace FerrulesWire SplicesPCB TerminalsMiscellaneous Crimp Terminals / Solder Terminals & SplicesRing Crimp TerminalsThread Mount Turret TerminalsQuick Disconnect Crimp TerminalsPin TerminalsParallel SplicesSpade Crimp TerminalsButt SplicesClosed End SplicesSpecialty TerminalsGround Lug TerminalsModular ConnectorsModular AdaptersModular & Ethernet ConnectorsMiscellaneous Modular ConnectorsPCB ReceptaclesAudio & Video Connectors & AdaptersAudio & Video AdaptersAudio & Video ConnectorsPlug & Socket Connectors & ComponentsPlug & Socket Connector ContactsPlug & Socket Connector HousingsPlug & Socket ConnectorsPlug & Socket Connector Cable SealsFFC / FPC Board ConnectorsTerminal Blocks & AccessoriesStandard Terminal BlocksWire-To-Board Terminal BlocksTerminal Block Interface ModulesPluggable Terminal Block Headers & SocketsTerminal Block AccessoriesPower Distribution BlocksTerminal Block MarkersFused Terminal BlocksDIN Rail Terminal BlocksPluggable Terminal BlocksMiscellaneous Terminal BlocksHeavy Duty Connectors & ComponentsHeavy Duty Connector ContactsHeavy Duty Hoods / Housings / BasesHeavy Duty Connector Inserts / ModulesHeavy Duty ConnectorsHeavy Duty Cable GlandsCircular Connectors & ComponentsMiscellaneous Circular Industrial & MIL Spec ConnectorsCircular Connector Cable SealsCircular MIL Spec Equivalent ConnectorsCircular Connector Clamps / Strain ReliefsD Sub Connectors & ComponentsMiscellaneous D Sub ConnectorsD Sub HousingsD Sub Strain ReliefsD Sub Screwlocks & SlidelocksStacked D Sub ConnectorsCombination Layout D Sub ConnectorsD Sub BackshellsD Sub AdaptorsD Sub FerrulesD Sub ConnectorsD Sub Jack ScrewsD Sub ContactsConnector Tools & AccessoriesSlidelocks / ScrewlocksSide Feed Terminal CuttersStrain ReliefsBackshellsMiscellaneous Crimp ToolsCrimp ToolsOther Connector AccessoriesCrimp Tool LocatorsDust Caps / Dust CoversCrimp Tool DiesCrimp Tool AccessoriesJack ScrewsMiscellaneous Connector AccessoriesFaceplatesJumpers & ShuntsMezzanine / Array ConnectorsAutomotive Connectors & ComponentsAutomotive ConnectorsMicro Power Distribution Box Sealed ModulesAutomotive Connector ContactsAutomotive Connector AccessoriesAutomotive Connector Housings